Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fabrics selected. Now what?

Well, here are my excitingly bright fabric selections for this bold floral panel.  I am still formulating a design plan but feeling pretty excited about the possibilities.  I could hardly sleep last night, and when I did I was dreaming about these possibilities.  I am anxious to get started but need to do some real work quilting for $$$.  I will keep you up-to-date on the project's status.

A bit of a break from the quilting world in sharing this small wonder I found this morning while hiking.  It was hiding behind a downed tree in a dark wooded area, only standing about 4" tall.  Often to appreciate nature's miracles, we need to keep our eyes open to the small things of this world.  May your day be filled with small blessings.

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Anonymous said...

I really like your site! The colors of the fabric look just like they did in the store! I'll be checking on you often. C