Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quilted Symphony 2 completed student project. . .

Last week we had our latest art workshop.  Here is a picture of a student's completed project.  Beautiful, isn't it?
This student just joined our class and has a great artistic eye.
She is also willing to do whatever she needs to accomplish the results she's seeking.  This butterfly is dimensional.  The student took wire out of wire ribbon, outlined the butterfly shape and zigzag stitched the wire to the butterfly outline.  So inventive!
And notice the beading, the quilting as well.  Hard to believe she has limited quilting experience.  The quilt was finished by stapling it to a wood frame.  Nice finish to showcase the work.  This is why I love teaching, to see what others can do.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Continuing the preparation work for abstract quilt "Picked Clean". . .

As I was beginning to work on prepping my fabric choices for my abstract quilt project, I decided to make a change in my technique.  I went back to my preferred applique technique of using shirt-tailor interfacing for my stabilizer.  This interfacing is my preference as it is fusible and a heavy enough stabilizer to keep all of my thread work flat.  It's also thick enough to create a stiff edge to fold the seam allowance over.  Freezer paper and tear-away stabilizer are now no longer necessary for the individual segments.  I drew the full pattern on the interfacing and cut out the segments.  The interfacing segments were then placed on the corresponding fabric and fused.
Stay-stitching was then sewn around each segment that is going to be embellished prior to cutting the fabric segments apart.  If embellishment is not required, stay-stitching is not required as the stay-stitching acts as a pattern outline.  
All pieces were cut apart with approximately 1/2" seam allowance.  I am now ready to begin embellishing. 

This change of technique demonstrates how trying and using a new technique a few times will then allow you, as the artist, to keep what works, throw out what doesn't, and eventually make it yours.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quilted Symphony 2 project student results. . .

Our art workshop happened a few weeks ago and here are a few of the students'  Quilted Symphony 2 projects.  Notice the beading embellishment along the leaf spines on this one.
Nice use of complimentary colors to create a calming effect.
Dramatic use of color for this one.
And here is where mine stands.  I used perle cotton and decided to hand quilt to get the look hand quilting offers.  
Once I got started I decided it gave the quilt a look of rain.  I have some applique to do yet that will add to the rain effect.
My abstract quilt is coming along slowly.  Hope to post this weekend with some results.