Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winged Whimsies - Another Applique Project Begun. . .

As long as I was in the mood to do an applique project, I decided to do another shop sample at the same time, Winged Whimsies, another of my patterns.  This also will be a kit.
Here is the dragonfly panel,
and here is the ladybug panel.  There is also a butterfly panel but I seem to have missed taking a photo of it.  I'm stitching tonight so will show some of the results tomorrow.

Until next time,

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Water Whimsies Follow Along Continues. . .

I'm finally getting back to working on my Water Whimsies shop sample.  It feels good to work on an applique project.  I haven't taken the time to do one for some time.
Here is the frog panel,
and the fish panel,
and finally, the water bird panel.  I like where it's going.  It certainly is bright, and pink.  I've liked the border fabric for some time and am happy for the chance to use it here.
All of the panels are put together and ready to be appliqued.  Each of the applique pieces have fusible interfacing on the backside to stabilize them as I satin stitch the pieces in place.
On the backside of each panel, I have placed a tear-away stabilizer.  This will stabilize the background as well.  I like my work to stay flat, no matter how much I stitch.  Stitching will now add the detail and create texture.

Until next time,

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Finishes - Borders: A Polished Finish. . .

Long time no post :)  Lots of things going on plus a slow internet system have kept me away.  However, my internet challenges (something you can have when you live rural) appear to be over and my posting should become more regular again.  By the way, I've missed posting.
I've been in the throws of developing my Shapes II abstract quilt to teach.  
While creating a second version of the pattern, I realized, once again, how important each step to the quilting process is to the completed product.  As the quilt stands with the center complete it appears flat and unexciting (exciting is important to me :).
However, as I add the first border and close in the pale background the color picks up, although now overly orange.
Adding the final touch by fusing the dark green to the outer portion of two borders brings all the colors and values into balance.  I am happy with the result, a polished finish.  I generally select my quilt borders once the quilt center is complete.  It takes completing the center for the quilt to talk to me and let me know in what direction to head when selecting the border fabric, both its color and pattern, what statement I want to make.  Next time you begin a quilt, even if you have selected your border fabrics prior to beginning, be open to the idea that your completed quilt will want something other than what you originally selected to complete it.

Happy Friday,