Friday, January 21, 2011

Quilt Art Project continues. . .

Once base pieces are prepared, time for applique.  The applique designs are traced onto freezer paper.  Fusible web is affixed to applique fabric.  My new favorite fusible is "Soft Fuse."  It comes on a 37" roll and is a light web-like fusible.  Similar to MistyFuse but paper-backed.  Now press freezer paper to web-backed fabric and cut out.
Now comes the fun part:  thread embellishing!
I used a free-motion zig-zag stitch (my new favorite) to this one,
and this one.  I used wool for the embellished yellow circles and free-motion straight stitched the spiral.
Free-motion straight stitching was used on this one.  Boy, am I having fun!

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Rossy said...

Dear Karri
I buy this book about 2 weeks and in two days I have holiday, and I can work, jipie..
I find Your blog so Im here.
Nice grettings from Berlin