Monday, May 16, 2011

Receipe cards for quilt notetaking. . .

A dear quilting friend of mine suggested that I use index cards to make notes about techniques used when making my quilts, i.e. stitches, interfacings used, etc.  Great suggestion since it's amazing how much I can't remember when I go to do something again.
Of course, index cards are not colorful enough. :)  So when I ran into this recipe book I jumped on it and decided to improvise it to use for note taking.  Above is the holder of two small booklets that hold the recipe cards.  Here is one of the booklets
Below is the recipe card as I have used it.
In a perfect world, I would take a photo of each of the quilts I make and jot down notes in a journal.  But since my world is not perfect, this is a creative solution that will work for me.

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