Saturday, August 13, 2011

Velda Newman's Melon Study well on its way. . .

Here is my melon study project to date.  All of the components are built.  The highlight and shadow painting comes next.  The building of each melon will be described in the next few blogs.  Today I will begin with the lime green melon in the background.  This melon has cheesecloth added to it for texture.

Begin by cutting the melon pattern out of fabric choice 1" larger than actual pattern and thin cotton batting cut to the exact pattern size.  The two are then layered together.
It's now time to play with the cheesecloth.  Begin by pulling three threads vertically every 1".  Next do the same horizontally.  The above photo shows what the cheesecloth looks like when done. 
The cheesecloth is now laid over the melon that has been spray basted.
Here's a close-up of what it looks like.
Circles are made at the intersections of the pulled cloth.  I used tweezers to manipulate the cloth.
Once satisfied with results, stitch circles, using free motion quilting, around the cheesecloth circles, varying the sizes.  When done, trim the cheesecloth even with the fabric.  This melon is ready to have seams turned under to be sewn to background.

The front yellow melon with cheesecloth texture will be shown next.  Until next time,

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