Monday, June 25, 2012

Making of "Ladybug" Tablerunner. . .

My friend's birthday is coming up and I decided to make her a tablerunner.  I had actually decided to make it for her a while ago when I saw an applique pattern that I instantly knew would go with her kitchen decor.  I decided to share photos of the progression of the steps and techniques I use to make this quilt.  The pattern is "Ladybug" by Jeri Kelly, very cute.
As it is a tablerunner, the pattern begins with a background (there is no piecing other than borders).  I traced the applique onto fusible web with a pencil and then pressed the fusible web onto the fabric.  I prefer pencil for tracing although I will admit that when pressing the iron's heat can cause the lead to melt.  I often use a pressing cloth to press the pencil off when it builds up.  The applique pieces were then cut out.  And now the fun begins:  layout.
Begin with the background pieces first.  This pattern requires you to view the pattern photo for placement of applique.  The pattern is identically two-sided.  Photos will be of one side.
If an applique piece is large, I recommend cutting the fusible web away from all but approximately 1/4" around the edge.  This accomplishes two things when appliqueing many layers:  1) keeps the area from becoming overly stiff; and, 2) assists in keeping stitches from skipping when quilting.
I layered the flower centers before placing on blue flower.
Small items are cut out as they are needed to keep them from getting lost.
Here is the final layout pressed.  The first border has been added.  Cute and colorful, isn't it?  Stitching/quilting is next.  Stay tuned.

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