Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Finishes - Rooster Abstract Background Finished. . .

Well, I finally got back to my Rooster.  Here is the fabric palette for my abstract background, which is basically a slash and sew style.
I began by cutting two strips from my accent strip fabric.
With the center background fabric, I cut an asymmetrical six-sided shape.  Because there aren't exact measurements, I used my Rooster to determine the dimensions that were pleasing to me.
An accent strip was cut to fit one edge and sewn on.  Then repeated for the opposite edge.
 I cut an oversized triangle to sew to the accent strip on one side.
The triangle is trimmed to be squared with the center background edge.  The edge squared with is the right side of the quilt.

The other side is trimmed up to be even.
An accent strip is now sewn across both background segments.
Rather than cut a chunk of fabric, I simply matched the whole fabric piece to the accent strip and sewed it.
Once sewn, the new segment is squared.  Now I move to the other end to add segments from another fabric.
The accent strip is added and then the first segment.  Trimming occurs, another accent strip is added and then the final background segment. 
And here it is complete with the Rooster placed but not yet sewn.
This is the original traditional background I did with the Rooster also placed on it for review.  I'm happy with both backgrounds and now ready to sew them down.

Happy Friday,

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