Sunday, September 30, 2012

Winged Whimsies - Another Applique Project Begun. . .

As long as I was in the mood to do an applique project, I decided to do another shop sample at the same time, Winged Whimsies, another of my patterns.  This also will be a kit.
Here is the dragonfly panel,
and here is the ladybug panel.  There is also a butterfly panel but I seem to have missed taking a photo of it.  I'm stitching tonight so will show some of the results tomorrow.

Until next time,

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Rossy said...

Dear Karri
your aplique ist (always) really beautiful.I love Dragonfly,I love the colors.
Im sorry I dont forget you and i say I send you a picture...but I work sooo much at the moment,
Nice greatings fom berlin