Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quilting as Therapy. . .

2013 was a year of major life changes due to loves lost.  Quilting, it turns out, is a great therapeutic tool!  I have found that going to my fabric stash and creating a quilt, letting my emotions run with my imagination, has allowed my emotions to transform from debilitating to joy.
Here is a case in point:  During Christmas, I lost my dear companion, Meowi.  As he was only five years old and I have had other major losses this year, his loss has been almost unbearable.  I was, however, in the process of creating this quilt. 
Once he passed, something came to mind.  Seven years ago when my husband passed away, I created this quilt to lift my spirits. 
Notice anything similar - Laurel Burch fabric, predominant color orange.  Mind you, I didn't make the new quilt after Meowi passed, but had begun it prior to him being ill. 
The new quilt's title is "In Meowi's Memory."  I am going to quilt four different facial portraits from his photos in the blank light orange squares.  I received his inked paw print in a sympathy card from the animal hospital where he was put down and I will incorporate that into the quilted worded border and on the label.  As my mind creates all of these ideas, I realize that I am working through the loss by thinking of Meowi: how he participated in my life, what his personality characteristics were like, how his loss will affect our family.  And I cry at the loss, but I smile at the memories.  And this is therapy.

As the quilting happens, I will keep you updated.

Happy 2014.  I pray it will be a joyous one for all.

Until next time,

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