Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Spring Cleaning the Quilter’s Way

Happy Spring!  In the tradition of spring cleaning, I have pulled out a few unfinished projects from the dark depths of my stash.  I am sharing in the hopes of being an inspiration to the many other quilters out there with unfinished projects from long ago.

The quilt “Box of Chocolates” was pieced in 2005.  This old fashioned heart fabric was the inspiration for the bar quilt design.  I was reminded of receiving chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  The diamonds are the boxes, pieced with various fabrics to represent the many types of chocolate candy available in a box.  The brown fabric represents the chocolate.

Box of Chocolates 2005

The quilt is now quilted, bound and sent off to a very good friend who helped me in a time of great need.  It is never too late to complete a project or show gratitude.

The stars in this quilt were pieced in 2008 as a desire to use only non-floral fabrics.  I sewed them together and prepared the top for quilting.  As I did so, I felt inspired to embroider words on it so it became the “Stars All Around” quilt.

The quilt asked for more embroidery than I expected (and took longer, too).  It is now finally quilted and I am working on the binding. Whew!  Another quilt completed.

I challenge you during these challenging times to pull something out from the deep, dark depths of your uncompleted stash of quilts to bring to them fresh life (and light).  As you complete them, please share your accomplishments in the comments below or send me a photo via my email and I will share it so we may all continue to be inspired.  Alternatively, if you would like a tip or inspiration for completing your piece, send me a photo with permission to share with your email address and it will be posted. Two heads ( or 3 or 4...) can be better than one. Spring is three months long so I look forward to many “spring cleaning” projects,

Love and blessings to all,

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