Thursday, April 2, 2020

Single-fold Binding for Art Quilts and Wall Hangings

My quilting journey began making lap quilts, bed quilts, quilts that are everyday usable quilts.  As such, I was taught how to make a double-fold binding.  It never occurred to me that there was any other style of binding.  So as I transitioned into art quilts, I continued using the style I was taught.  One day, through another quilt artist, I came upon what is called the single-fold binding.

I now questioned the use of the double-fold binding and became informed that double-fold binding is used for everyday quilts used as coverings because that makes them stronger; they hold up better to the tugging and pulling done to keep the quilt on our bodies.  Single-fold bindings on everyday quilts tend to fray when used often.

Art quilts hang on a wall.  As the purpose is to finish the quilt and add a design element, there is no need for the double-fold binding, unless it is used as a design element as I do for some quilts.  A single-fold binding uses less fabric and is easier to manipulate.

Here is how I make a single-fold binding.

Begin by cutting the binding strips 1 1/2" wide.  The inches needed to surround the quilt will remain the same.  Sew the strips together in your preferred way.  Fold one edge of the stripped binding over 1/4" and steam iron the entire length of the stripped binding.

The binding strip will look like this.
Place the raw edge of the strip onto the front side of the quilt.  I begin my binding approximately 1/3 from the bottom edge and leave a tail at the beginning of 8" to 10" to join when the binding comes around the quilt and meets.
When sewn to the front, turn over and hand sew to the back with the needle grabbing the folded over edge.  If you would like to machine sew both sides, begin by sewing the raw edge of the back and flipping the binding to the front and then sewing along the folded edge.
And here is the finished piece, all ready for shipping in plenty of time for my sister's birthday (boy, is that unusual :)  Thank goodness for this UFO. 

Please share if you have another style of binding to use.  I would love to increase my reservoir of binding types.

This is my Show & Tell.  I look forward to receiving any photos you would like to share for Show & Tell.

Love and blessings,

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