Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yesterday was Applique Club at the shop.  We are doing a block of the month with the "Hop To It!" quilt by Edyta Sitar and are on month 5.  Shown is my completed month 1's block, as far as I have gotten.  Really behind, huh?  I am machine appliquing these 
blocks with invisible thread.  The applique is turned under not raw edge. 

At the club, I introduced Pat Sloan's Meadow Breeze mystery quilt  I am so excited about this quilt that I skipped working on "Hop To It!" and began this project.  Months 1 and 2 have been cut out.  I skipped to month 2 to begin stitching.  I decided to hand stitch rather than machine stitch this quilt.  Notice that I am adding bead embellishment.  It really sparks it up!

I love having a woman's prerogative of changing my mind.  I make great use of it on a daily basis.

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Sylvia said...

I am so excited about this quilt. I love putting beads on my quilts too. It adds so much more to the design. Beautiful work!