Sunday, May 15, 2011

Appliqueing with invisible thread. . .

Now that my leaf sections are embellished it is time to put it all together.  This technique calls for joining the pieces together by appliqueing them.  I divided the quilt background into sections and determined which pieces sit on top and which sit underneath another.
The piece to sit on top of another is pressed under beyond the stay stitching previously done and pinned in place.  Once all pieces in this section are positioned and pinned, the quilt is then stitched using clear invisible thread and a blanket stitch.  
I used Bottom Line thread in the bobbin with a 75/11 Quilting needle.
The quilt was put together section by section.
Once the background is together, the leaves needed to be prepared.  All leaves are going to sit on top of the background so all edges need to be turned under.  I began by turning under the leaf points.
Turn the tip under and press.
Now turn one side across to the other leaf edge so the fabric overlaps, trim the excess fabric, and press.
Turn the opposite edge across the edge just pressed until you have the point you want.  Trim and press.
Turn the remaining edges of the leave under and press.
Turn over and press once again.  Leaf is now ready to applique to background.
The thread for the leaves was changed to smoke invisible thread to match the black leaf background.
Once the quilt is together, I squared it up and added borders.
I'm pleased with the results to date.  Keep watching as there is more to come.

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