Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday Finishes - Almost Saturday. . .

My Friday is almost over and I am just now able to get on the internet (too much rain for a signal).  I will finish my Friday by sharing with you a picture show of a few quilts from a quilt show I had the privilege to judge today.
This is the quilt that won "Judges' Choice."  It is a beautiful applique quilt.
All of the applique is hand appliqued.
I loved the way these leaves were fussy cut from the fabric.
The border blocks added additional interest as they were all rectangular, using the same flower design but all with different fabrics.  A visually interesting quilt.
This quilt is an example of beautiful hand workmanship.  The quilt is hand appliqued and quilted.  Really stunning in its simplicity.
The hand quilting showed up well in my photograph showing the great texture it creates.
All of the applique is of this same motif.  True simplicity.
This quilt center is a panel.  The quilter designed appropriate borders to compliment it.
This is a flannel quilt and the finished size of the squares is 1".  The quilter is an excellent piecer.  All points matched and the quilt lied perfectly flat.  Nice job!

The guild I judged for is small but puts out beautiful, interesting quilts every year (this is my 3rd year judging).  It always amazes me how well the bindings are done on the majority of quilts.  That might sound like a funny thing to be impressed with, but technique is important to me and binding technique says a lot about the quilter.  Be sure to check out your local upcoming quilt shows and see how someone else's work might inspire yours.

Happy Friday (I mean Saturday),

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Rossy said...

Dear Karri
the quilts are very beatiful, I also lernt a lot wenn a I go in quilt galeries.I love applique.
This weekend I was in Gran canaria for my workschop with Brigit Aubeso it was really great.I have soooo much fun and I lernt a lot of womens and so much technik.
I hope you are well have a nice week :) from Berlin a lot of greatings