Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Pleasant Easter Dinner. . .

Happy Easter to all.  I hope you all enjoyed your day.  I spent the day working but took time out to cook a holiday meal.  I know I don't usually post about anything other than quilting (because I don't do anything but quilt) but I wanted to share this hint I picked up about cooking asparagus.

I was shopping for my groceries and looking at the fresh asparagus, something I have never cooked before.  A woman was standing there looking at it as well and I mentioned that I didn't know how to cook it.  This is how she suggested that I cook it:
 Begin with a can (I used the can from the pineapple that I put on the ham).
 Poke holes in the bottom, just large enough to let water in.
 It's now ready to use.
Place the can in a pan to be covered that is tall enough for the asparagus to stand in.  Stand the asparagus in the can, add a small amount of water in the pan's bottom, cover, and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and cook 5 to 7 minutes, or until tender.  The asparagus is firm without the tops being mushy.  Very good.  
Along with the asparagus, I cooked au gratin potatoes, a great tasting recipe I picked up from The Pioneer Woman,
a ham with a brown sugar and pinapple glaze,
and for dessert, chocolate covered strawberries.  A very traditional Easter meal that tasted great and was fun (yes, I said fun) to make.  I hope your meals went over well and that your day was pleasant with your loved ones.

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