Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Finishes - Finished Applique Edges - Part 3, Turn Under. . .

In previously posts I had discussed finished applique edge techniques for raw edge applique and a satin stitch finish.   In conclusion, I will describe the technique used for turn under applique edges for my abstract art quilts as used for this quilt.

My abstract quilt design has been traced to Pellon's Shir-Tailor 950F fusible interfacing.  The interfacing is thick enough to use as a template to turn the seam allowance for my applique under and press it.  And this is exactly why I LOVE this product as my base.  It makes the prep for this technique so easy.

Now that the seam allowance is pressed under, I lay that applique piece onto the fabric piece that is going to lie under it.  As it lies flat, there is no need to press the seam allowance under.
I select a buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine.  On my Janome, the stitch selection is Mode 2, #38, 1.5, 3.0.  I have used black thread here for demonstration purposes but generally use monofilament thread as my choice.
And there you have it.  I continue to build one piece onto another, always pressing the seam allowance of the applique piece to go on top under.  Of the three applique finishes demonstrated, this is the quickest.  Sort of interesting that this is true.   When you throw the word "abstract" into the mix, there is an expectation that the method may be difficult.  But for me, it is the easiest to stitch.

Hope you were able to take away some new tidbit from these applique edge postings.  Please feel free to contact me if you need any clarification.  I am ALWAYS glad to know if more description is needed.

Happy Friday,

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Rossy said...

Dear Kerri
that ist so a beautiful Quilt.The colors are Amazing, I love them.
They are very intensiv.
Thanks for the tutorial,also very interesting.
I hope you are well, Greatings from Berlin