Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rooster Applique Background I. . .

With my Rooster applique pieces ready to sew, I need to make the background.  I am going to make two different backgrounds (I have two Roosters ready to go).  This first background is traditionally pieced with a background and two borders.
For this background version I needed these two additional applique pieces for grass.  They were traced onto Shir-tailor interfacing, pressed onto the fabric, and cut out.
I then cut my background.
My inner border is cut at 3/4" to finish at 1/4".  This 1/4" inner border is a signature look to my applique designs.  The side borders are cut to size and sewn on.
This grass piece is placed on the background and pinned.  It will be sewn into the bottom border.  I then sewed the bottom border on, making sure to keep the grass piece out of the way.  The top border is also sewn on.  All border seams are pressed toward the borders.
The outer borders at cut 3" wide, cut to size of the sides, and sewn on.
The top and bottom outer borders are then cut to size and sewn on.
The background is now ready to sew the Rooster on.
I decided I didn't like the original fabric choice for my grass.  So here is my replacement.  Changing my mind is something I often do when designing.  I often can't really see what I want until it's concrete and in fabric.  Next time I will make my alternate background.  Any guess as to what that might look like?

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