Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Friday, It's Finished - My Etsy Site is Up. . .

As a quilt designer and teacher, I begin many quilts and many (although definitely not all) of them are completed.  Once complete, what do I do with them?  As my husband says, "Now that it's done are you going to fold it up and put it in the closet?"  The answer is generally yes.  Some I need for class samples.  I have little wall space in my home to hang them.  So they end up being stored.  As with many quilters, the truth is I just make them to make them: to learn some new technique,

work with a fabric that inspires me,

or to see a design come to life.
With the advent of the internet and Etsy, it's now possible to take them off the shelf and put them up for sale.  So my Etsy site is up and a few of my quilts are for sale.  Please visit my "Gallery" page to see.  My hope is that now that I have a forum for them, maybe I will be encouraged to complete more of the quilts that are begun.

Do you have a stash of completed quilts sitting on the shelf?  Consider the value of your work and open an Etsy account or create a website to market your quilts.  Keep in mind that the internet has MILLIONS of users and you only need to capture the eye of ONE to make a sale.

Happy Friday,

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altermyworld said...

what a great post! I will take a peek right now! thanks for emailing me about laundering the melted crayon, i am working on something :) having fun!