Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quilted Symphony coming together. . .

It's time to put all of our pieces together.  Begin by pinning section 1 to the stabilizer base.  Press the side of section 2 under, hiding the stay-stitches, that will be sewn to section 1.  Pin.

Stitch together with stitch you've decided on.  I tried three stitch types before I decided which I liked best:
The first stitch tried was the blind hem stitch.  It is found on my Janome in Mode 3, #33.  My settings were 1.5, 1.5.  Felt so-so about it.
I next tried a zigzag stitch, usually a favorite of mine.  That was found in Mode 1, #8 on my machine.  My settings were 1.0, 1.5.  Not too crazy about it.
To my surprise, my favorite stitch turned out to be the applique (or buttonhole) stitch, Mode 2, #38 on my machine, settings 1.5, 3.0.  For thread I used smoke monofiliment thread in the top and purple Bottom Line in the bobbin.  My needle choice was a 75/11 Quilting needle.  This is my preferred needle for quilting, especially batiks.
I continued stitching, pressing, pinning, stitching each section in numerical order.  I did find that all of my seams went from the center out in both directions.
Whala, it's all together.  More to come as it's time to quilt and put on borders.

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