Saturday, April 2, 2011

Creating pattern for Spring Bunny. . .

My sister's birthday is coming soon and I decided I would like to make her a quilt with a spring theme.  I drew this bunny a few months ago in Adobe Illustrator, my new best tool for creating patterns, and decided to base my pattern on it.
Now that I had the pattern subject, I drew a rough (very rough LOL) picture for my applique.  I decided on three panels, one with my original bunny, one with a standing bunny, and one with words.
Next, I took my original bunny drawing and used it to develop the standing bunny in Illustrator needed for one of my quilt panels.
Here are the bunnies for my panels.  The sitting bunny stands 6" tall and the standing bunny is 8" tall.  This is what I will build the rest of the pattern around and use determine the size of the quilt.
I bought this greeting card because the colors excited me for use in a quilt.  I decided to use this color palette for this new quilt.
Here are the fabric selections.  I have also added a brown (not shown) for the bunnies.  My next step is to draw the flowers and create the pattern pieces.  I think I am going to add some embroidery for some of the flower details.  I'm not sure how I am going to make the panel with the words on it but I have something in mind.  Keep watching to see where I go with it.

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