Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Bunny comes together. . .

Remember the greeting card I pulled my colors from?  Well, I also liked some of the design elements as well and used them for inspiration for the assembly of Spring Bunny.
I liked the two-layer greens at the bottom of the greeting card and incorporated it into my panels.
I next added a 3/4" light pink border which finishes at 1/4".  This is a kind of signature to my original applique patterns.
A 1 1/2" sashing stripped is sewn to the joining side of the panel as was done to the other two panels.
The three panels are now joined and it is time for borders.
Wha la!  It has all come together.  
Now look at both the quilt and the greeting card.  There are elements of my inspiration apparent in the quilt.  However, I did not use many of the original fabrics selected for this piece as the quilt let me know what I needed as the designing process occurred.  I like this card well enough I may use it again for inspiration.
Quilting is next.  I will free-motion stitch the applique and quilt at the same time.

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