Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Bunny is on the move. . .

Here is the first rendition of Spring Bunny's first panel.  Once together the scale of the flowers to the bunny were too large.  So I adjusted.
Adjusting the pattern piece sizes was easy because I drew this in Illustrator.  This is the first pattern I have done where all of the pattern pieces were drawn or pulled from Illustrator.
The flower size was reduced, as were the grass blades.  Notice that I created the words in the mirror image so as to trace onto fusible web.  I was now able to make all three panels.
I really like the font I selected for the word "Spring."  The panels will now be enhanced with a few borders and some sashing.  It's been a while since I designed a quilt.  Creating this quilt helps me realize how much I enjoy it but how consuming it becomes.  I have a hard time stopping to do the things I "should" do.

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