Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quilt Whimsy designs 1st abstract quilt. . .

Here it is, an abstract quilt design that I was actually able to draft.  I have been having a difficult time with the abstract concept.  I love abstract art but seem to be unable to see it for my own designs.  But as you can see, here it is.  Now, let's look at how it all started.
This is a photo I took close to home of deer bones.  Living where I do amongst the nature I love, death is an understood part of life.  When I spotted this grouping I immediately felt that I wanted to pay tribute to the life and death of this buck through a quilt.  I knew that I could somehow create an abstract design to do just that.
I began with my photo, turning it over and placing it on a piece of glass.  Holding it in front of a light, I was able to make a quick lightbox and was able to trace the bones (in reverse, of course, which doesn't matter in the larger picture).
Once traced, this is where the piece stood.  I began to draw curved lines continuing from the curves of the bones to create segments.  From there, I added curved lines in the open spaces to create additional segments.  Large segments were then broken up with additional lines.
Once satisfied, I then enlarged the drawing by 200%.  The original needed to be moved and copied five times to get the full drawing which was then taped together.
Once taped together, I then redrew the design on freezer paper.
This larger bone piece will be appliqued on after the segments have all been put together.
Again, here is my final draft.  There are some elements on the original drawing that have not been transferred to my working freezer paper copy to allow me freedom to adjust these applique pieces.
My color palette are these neutrals with a splash of red.
I am excited to get started to see what the final product will look like.


Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting design and concept.

Anonymous said...

Interesting design. Did you ever make and finish a quilt? I would love to see it.