Monday, November 21, 2011

My 1st Abstract Quilt Series - Shapes I. . .

Here is my first in a series of new abstract quilts: Shapes I.
I have been wanting to design and make a quilt using these shapes for some time and thought it would make a good subject matter for an abstract quilt teaching pattern.
It all began with this very small drawing.
I then drafted it and enlarged it to approximately 18" x 12" on a large sheet of paper.
The pattern original was turned over and drawn in reverse.
The original pattern was drawn once again on Swedish tracing paper.  This will be used as the base to sew the fabric shapes to.  
Although difficult to see because of the transparency of the paper, notes of fabric colors and where the fabric shape went under another were made.  This has now become the master pattern.
Using the reversed pattern, the pattern was once again drawn, this time onto shirt-tailor interfacing.  This pattern is labeled with fabric color choices and then cut apart.  The last design to trace is the pattern pieces to be appliqued.  They are traced in reverse onto fusible web.  Note that my original pattern does not have the appliqued triangles on it.  I couldn't decide what to do when I drew the design so I moved ahead knowing that it would come to me eventually.

I am now ready to put fabric to pattern pieces.  Until next time. . .


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