Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shapes I continues. . .

Now that the prep is done, the fun begins as we get to work with the project fabric.
Using the shirt-tailor interfacing pattern pieces, press them to the appropriate fabric color leaving a minimum of 1" between each pattern piece.  Leaving the fabric intact, stay-stitch approximately 1/8" around each piece.
Next, cut around each stitched pattern piece, leaving 1/2" seam allowance around each.
Fuse the applique pieces to their appropriate fabric pieces.  To stitch the fusible applique, I used a free-motion zigzag stitch, my personal favorite, using a varigated thread on all three shapes.  The shirt-tailor interfacing in combination with the fusible web creates a strong enough stabilizer for the stitching.
 Before putting the sections together, take a moment to determine what order the pieces need to be placed in and number accordingly.  As the circle is the furthest back of the three shapes, I numbered the blue pieces 1 through 4 and laid them down on the prepared stabilizer base, with seam allowances lying flat.  The circle is number 5 with the seam allowances pressed under.
Place the circle in the appropriate position on the base and covering the stay-stitching of the under fabrics.  Pin.  Using invisible thread and a button-hole stitch, stitch circle in place.
Progress with the square next, and finally the triangle.  Notice that, although difficult to read, all sections are numbered on the base.
 Once the top is pieced, trim it to the base.
I determined that I wanted to add one small border.  The quilt still needs to be quilted.  It hasn't spoken to me yet and I can't decide what to do.
'Til next time. . .

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