Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back from Houston Market. . . what you didn't know I had gone!

Yes, I'm back from market at the Houston International Quilt Show.  I was asked to go at the last minute to work the booth for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. Yippee for me!  What quilter could possibly say "NO" to seeing the International Quilt Show (certainly not me).
Three of us went.  Here is Jane from her backside (she doesn't like her picture taken).  Beautiful long hair, isn't it?
And here's Traci, our marketing gal who I would never call shy (although she says she can be).
Our booth looked great and we met lots of great people.  My favorite new person I met was Jane Davila.  She's a great art quilter, author, and teacher.  I found her to be a warm person with a gentle soul.  Her mom was great too!  Please visit her blog at janedavila.blogspot.com to see what she's up to.

I did have an opportunity to see most of the quilt show.  Here were a few of my favorites.
This quilt was part of the special exhibit for breast cancer.
Loved the perspective of this artist's butterfly.  Here are some twists on a few tradtional quilts.

 Notice the large yellow mariners compass quilted across the top.
Isn't it cool the way the bodies are built with traditional blocks.
 These are bold, graphic, and colorful.
Especially loved the way everything in this quilt is outlined in black.
 These next quilts are artful.
 What is unique about this last quilt is that it is a round robin project.  Wow!  I want friends like this to work on my round robin.
To see more of the great quilts and winners, visit the show's website, Quilts, Inc..  I highly recommend that if you ever have the chance, you go to this quilt show.  The quality of quilts and the special exhibits are great eye candy and will get your creative juices going.

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