Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Finishes - Documenting Your Projects

The end of the year is near and it's time to take stock of where I am on projects I've begun over the last few years.  Because I blog, I have a continuous journal of my projects and the status of each.
Projects barely begun;
 Projects begun but at a standstill;
Projects needing quilting;
Projects completed;
And those still on the drawing board.

As I reflect on the status of each, it gives me an opportunity to understand why the quilts are where they are in their completion.  This, in turn, gives me the opportunity to understand who I am as a quilter and what motivates me to be passionate about a project.

Although the majority of you do not blog, I encourage you to in some way document what you do.  Not only does it give you a log of your projects, but it assists you in remembering techniques used, designs imagined, and time to completion.  In our busy lives, we don't often realize how much time goes by and how poor our memory can be.  Documenting our projects takes that burden from us and allows our project details to be available at any time for any purpose.

Happy Friday,

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