Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Finishes - Out with the Old

This is the last of the Friday Finishes' column for 2011.  Out with the old is this year's word selection "Action."
I took action in small steps this year.  The small steps have added up and my professional life is changing.  There is still more action to take, but I now find that the word is part of my active vocabulary, a word I think about when new ideas are formulated.
In with the new is my word for 2012 of "Commitment," or follow through.  This word feels like the logical next step to action.  My mind works in a flight of fancy type way, plenty of thoughts and ideas.  Keeping to my action word, some of those thoughts and ideas became reality.  But my weak spot is commitment, following through on those actions.
I found several quotes about commitment that I am incorporating into a wallhanging using new techniques.  I have always liked the idea of drawing on fabric with pen and colored pencils and am playing with that technique for this wallhanging.
My background fabric is muslin.  I will be incorporating a phone book page and some organza and charms into this work.  I was "inspired" (you have to see the article to understand) by Lindsay Ostrom's article in ArtQuiltingStudio Winter 2012.

I have enjoyed having a word of the year rather than New Year's resolutions.  It has allowed me to feel accomplished and continually be aware of where I'm going and how I'm getting there.  There is lots of chatting about selecting a word of the year on various art/quilt blogs right now.  Browse around and see what you can find.  Then take some quiet time and consider a word that would work for you.  I wish you much success with wherever your word might take you in 2012.

Happy New Year!

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