Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspiration is in the Air. . .

Living a life of a quilter often keeps my eyes glued to the beautiful colors in my studio and not the beauty of the natural world around me.  It took traveling to Sue Spargo's class last week to open my eyes to the new changes that Spring is bringing as Winter is being chased away.  Enjoy some my inspiration photos, both natural and man-made, taken in this last week.  Notice that I was especially drawn to lines.
Love that the small pods elongate into the dangles.
Great textured wallpaper in hotel room.
Looks like a wool design possibility.
Notice the residual raindrops.
New growth amongst the old.
Just loved the lines.
 Until next time,

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Rossy said...

Hi Karri
You have beatiful fotos, and you right our beatiful world its full from Amazing things (sorry my Englisch).
In Berlin its also a nice time its be green, I love it.
I wait very nervos of my Magnolias.
Nice Easter