Monday, May 21, 2012

Weight-Free Quilting Solution. . .

A little over a week ago, I was asked to quilt this new Bigfork Bay Cotton Company Pat Sloan quilt for Spring Market. 
Although I own a longarm quilting machine, I don't use it enough to have the control for the raw edge stitching needed for this quilt.  Therefore, I was required to quilt it on my sewing machine.  As anyone who quilts on their sewing machine knows, on a quilt of this size (62"x68"), more time is spent maneuvering the fabric than stitching.  But via a good friend, a solution to that problem came to me:  a frame to support the quilt's weight.
The instructions to build this frame are shared by Chris' Quilting Space.  Her instructions are for a frame clamped to the back of a table.  I was able to improvise because I have a quilt exhibition frame that was adapted to work.
The exciting thing about this contraption is that it works!  With the weight of the quilt off the table, the amount of fabric I had to move around was limited to just what was being stitched.  The quilting itself was a joy to do and the time it took to quilt was cut dramatically.   Quilting on my sewing machine has never been easier.  I am looking forward to putting the frame to use again in the very near future.

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Rossy said...

Dear Kerri
The Quilt its very beatiful.I love the bike with the flowers.The idea to Free Motion its Great...uhm I need more space in my room :)
I hope you are well....and have a nice week.We go to school...

Anonymous said...

How did you quilt the inner parts/blocks on your sewing machine? Did you roll it on the bed of the machine? REALLY curious!