Monday, December 5, 2011

Janome Couching Foot, or lack of one. . .

Over the past year or so, I have often been asked about a Janome couching foot.  As many of you Janome owners may be aware, there is no couching foot available for our machines at this time.  Hopefully, this information will help you find the answer that works for you.

 At one time, Janome produced the "Miraclestitcher," a foot designed for couching that could accommodate both low and high shank machines.
 Although production has been discontinued, this foot can still be purchased if on ebay or other sites for $50 or less if you keep your eyes open.  I purchased one last year and the couching on this Leslie McNeil project was done with the Miraclestitcher.
My experience is that the foots does couch well on soft curves as shown below.  
However, the foot's hole is too large and allows the yarn to move around.  This photo shows the difficulty of couching tight curves.
If you are looking for something compared to the Bernina #43 foot, you will be disappointed and, at this time, there is nothing else produced by Janome.   I have, therefore, done some research to see what alternatives there may be out there.  We all know how creative we quilters are and willing to solve a problem.
I came upon a tutorial from Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures
where she improvised her unused echo quilting foot that came in the Janome free motion feet set into a useable couching foot.  I would add one more item and that is to use a straw to guide the yarn as discussed in this Quilting Arts link with instructions by Carol Taylor.

The real solution to this issue is for Janome to produce a foot to fulfill our needs.  Let's begin a campaign informing Janome what we want by completing this Janome General Inquiries Form.  When our voices are heard, action can happen.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your article! I saw it 2 days ago, had never heard of the Miracle Stitcher before but was determined to find one since I've got my heart set on learning to couch. Couldn't believe my eyes ebay had one, and I won it! Without your sharing I wouldn't have realized my dream because no other brand will fit my Janome. YEEHAW.

Anonymous said...

Now this isn't fair! Janome sells NEW Miraclestitcher in the UK, so why not here??

Anonymous said...

Hello again - got my foot and tried it, the only way I can keep the stitch on the yarn is to move the fabric to the left, meaning it would have to be swiveled around to go around a design in order to always keep the stitched thread to the left. Any suggestions on how to stay on top of it moving in a circle or loop? thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have one for sale on in an unused condition £10.00 plus posting and packing

Esther Paris said...

Google brought me here years after your posting. Did you ever get the foot you want? Somewhere in the realm of YouTube I saw a video about using a rolled hemmer foot as a couching foot. Thread the yarn through the rolling-hem funnel. I've never tried it but it looked straightforward enough in the video. Cheers.