Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Completing Piecing for Shapes II. . .

Shapes II is trimmed up and ready for borders.
The original design has asymmetrical borders:  2 narrow at 1"; 2 wide at 2 1/2".  First narrow border of 1" was sewn to right side.  Second narrow border was sewn to top.
Bottom wide border is next.  Border piecing is completed with adding wide left side.
Remember this applique piece prepared way back when?
It is now fussed to the wide border sides.  And I think I have winner!   As you may recall I began this quilt journey in my effort to design a class pattern.  Believe it or not, the interior of this quilt can be completed in one class session.  I am happy with the results and the project contains the elements needed.  The students will have to complete the borders outside of class but I think they can handle that.  I will make it again in different colors and share it with you.

Quilting and binding are next.  I'm never sure what I'm going to do until I begin.

So until next time,

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