Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shapes II - Putting It All Together. . .

Now that the individual quilt elements for Shapes II are complete, all of the pieces can be put together.
Beginning with piece #1, lay it in position on the base.  Remember that the over and under seam allowances were determined earlier.  Piece #1 seam allowance lays flat as it will lie under piece #2.
Seam allowance for piece #2 is pressed under and laid on top of piece #1, pinned and sewn together.  My stitch of choice is the applique stitch.
Background pieces #3 and #4 are laid down as, once again, these lie under other pieces with seam allowances flat.
Pressing the seam allowances for piece #5 under with the exception of the interior seam, place on base, pin and stitch together.
Pressing the seam allowances for piece #6, place in position and stitch.  The quilt interior is put together and so quickly.  I love this technique and it's easy 1, 2, 3 steps.

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