Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Finishes - Commitment to Myself. . .

It's the end of a busy work week for me.  However, I promised myself that I would finish my "Commitment" word quilt.
And here it is!  This is an unusual quilt for me as it is about being unplanned and just going with the flow.  I made use of items I had on hand, using organza (something I hadn't used before), adding charms, and just having fun.
My favorite of the three commitment quotes is at the bottom.
 The quote inspired me to draw the heart with the lock in the center.
Key charms and beads are enclosed in organza.  One of the other quotes was layered over a page from the telephone book, something else I haven't done before, using printed pages.
This third quote was printed on printable organza and layered over a drawing that is layered under the original quote and heart.
The whole piece is backed by burlap.  The most interesting aspect of this project was accepting that perfection was not required.  As such, I just stitched as it came to me, stitching by machine and hand, adding fabric as seemed appropriate, and any other embellishments I felt inspired to add.  The process let me try new techniques and be freely creative.  I need to incorporate this type of project into my quilt process to keep me open.  Be willing to try it yourself and see where the process takes you.

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