Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quilted Southwest Pots. . . Adding Perspective

Here is a customer quilt sent to me.  Immediately upon seeing it I felt that the quilting needed perspective added to it. . .
. . . and here's the result.  I treated the quilt as a window looking out into a courtyard.
An overhead decking was added for the pots to hang from.
A door and fountain added for the courtyard.  I drew my design full size and then traced that onto Golden Threads paper.  The suns in the border were also drawn on the paper.  I spray baste the paper onto the quilt and sewed through it.  Very easy to transfer design this way, although I do admit that it takes longer to pull off the paper than it does to sew.  The Golden Threads paper is one of the easiest papers to pull off, however.  I highly recommend it for this technique.

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