Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Finishes . . . I'm Finished!!!!

Wow, this week was busy and flew by.  Of course, the items on my mind continually were the Quilting Arts Challenge pieces I was trying to complete so I could submit.  Well, I did it!  They were completed and submitted via email last night.  (One went this a.m. as I forgot to wait for the email to upload before shutting computer down.  Silly me, tired me too.)
Here is "Solar" quilted and bound with cording.
And a close-up.  These were the photos uploaded to Quilting Arts.
And here is "Bloom."
And a close-up.  By the way, I decided to submit both quilts feeling that bettered my chances of having one accepted.  And as long as both were done, why not?  With these done and gone (mentally anyways) I can move on to other projects that need attention this weekend.  May your weekend be one of much destressing time as I hope mine will.

Happy Friday,

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Kamila said...

Absolutely fantastic! I love it. Energy springs out of your quilt - and that is what I need now.