Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Quilt Project. . .

This is my weekend project, completed except the label (which I'm always bad about).  The quilt is called "Ode to Robin."  The idea came to me as I was taking a walk and came across my first robin spotting for the season.  Spring is on its way!
The design began with my background.
I then tried a new technique of painting on fusible web.  This tree was painted on fusible web with acrylic paint and allowed to completely dry.  I used Wonder-Under fusible web.
Once dry, acrylic paint was watered down and painted over the painted tree.  The paint was allowed to dry completely and then ironed onto the background.  When the fusible web had cooled, the paper backing was pulled off and the quilt was repressed to set the fusible into the fabric. 
The tree lines were quilted over with black thread and the majority of the background was quilted with ecru thread.  It feels good to be inspired with an idea and make it come to life.  I am hoping to do more of these exercises in the future to force me to create intuitively and quickly.

Until next time,


Tish R said...

Great idea! Without doing it but just walking through the process in my head, can I assume you used the web side of the fusible to do the painting?

Karri said...

Yes, Tish, that is correct. I drew my tree outline on the paper side of the fusible.