Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh, No, Not Again - Abstract Quilt 3rd Design Version

For my followers out there, I apologize if I'm boring you.  I just have to give my most recent abstract quilt design one more go around.
My original drawing was revamped somewhat,  I added a few echoed shapes and broke the rounded segments into more angular parts.  I then deleted the small circular shapes and added rectangular shapes to my narrow band.
Here is my palette.  This quilt is called "My Red Journey."  Placement of the reds will be random, trying to connect into an "intuitive" sense.  However, because I am not sure how well my "intuitive" sense will work, I drew my design onto freezer paper and cut it apart so I can use the pattern segments to audition my fabric choices.  As I will iron Pellon's Shir-Tailor #950F fusible interfacing to the pieces once final fabric decision is made, I decided freezer paper templates would keep me from having to draw fusible interfacing pieces over and over again as I was auditioning.  The black will be the narrow band and echoed shapes.  The rectangular shapes on the black band will be blue.  I have an interesting idea for using gold metallic thread but I'll wait until I get to that point before I share.

When I create a quilt design, I always know it's right for me when I am anxious to make the design more than once to play with different color palettes.  One lesson I have learned with this design is that it is easier to draw points than it is to sew them with this technique.  Of course, after making three quilts, I may be fairly accomplished at points. :)  

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