Sunday, January 29, 2012

On a Whim Project. . .

While in Tacoma last August, I saw a folded log cabin quilt I really loved.  When I got home I collected the fabrics and put them aside to begin at some future date.  Yesterday that all changed when I came across a book on the technique.
So I gathered my fabrics,
Stripes for my blocks,
and two color sets for my blocks centers and borders.  This will be a 3-block wallhanging.  I will make two wallhangings with the same fabrics for the blocks and these two different color sets for the block centers and borders.
Here's the results for the first blocks.
I'm enjoying the technique and will definitely have to teach a class.

Until next time,

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Kamila said...

It looks really beautiful! The stripes make a brilliant effect. I would love to see the ready quilt :)