Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shapes II - The Surprise of Quilting. . .

Time to begin quilting Shapes II.  I'm happy with the results so far but will the quilting make or break the quilt?  That's always the question I wrestle with.  The quilt colors gave me the impression of the cosmos or outer space so that's the direction my stitching moved towards.
I began simply by SID between the quilt center and border, and then the inside and outside edges of the square and arc matching thread color to the teal.   I next quilted the background.  Because I want to keep it behind the other quilt elements, I quilted the background the densest with a meander.
As I knew that I wanted to use gold metallic thread on the red border, I moved to that next using a free motion zig-zag stitch.
Continuing to use the gold metallic thread, I SID around the triangles and outlined the appliqued circles.  I added a few lines within the triangles to bring sparkle to them.
Final object to quilt is the square.  Not sure what I wanted, I decided to try a set of stitches I've been wanting to try.  The stitch set consists of a few straight free motion stitches, some free motion zig-zag stitches, finishing with a few more straight free motion stitches.  As I began stitching, I decided to drag the thread between the stitch sets.  I intended to clip the dragged thread once the quilting was complete.  However, as I completed one section, I realized I liked the look as it was so left threads.  Quilting done, happiness with results continues.  Binding details next.

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Anonymous said...

OoohH! I like it. Very creative with using the different stitches.