Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coloring fabric with Inktense pencils. . .

Yesterday was our monthly art quilt workshop.  We chose to play with the Inktense pencils.  
My design began with a drawing I developed to coordinate with a fabric I will use for the border,
that I transferred to fabric with a blue disappearing pen.  I then quilted the design with white thread and washed out the blue pen.
The coloring was done by first wetting the fabric with a paint brush of diluted fabric medium that was mixed with a pearl medium.  The fabric was then colored with the Inktense pencil.  The paint brush of fabric medium was then used to blend the pencil strokes.  This is where I finished coloring yesterday.  I still need to color the background and add some more quilting.
This is the project by one of the other students.  She incorporated more background stitching into her project.  I like the depth the stitching adds to the coloring.
Here is the backside of the above project.  The student decided to make it reversible.  She also added beads in the center of the flowers on both sides.  There are many internet sites on this technique.  Find them by searching for "Inktense on fabric."  I found the sites to be informative and inspirational.  

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