Monday, February 20, 2012

Fusible Art Quilt with an African feel. . .

During Saturday's class I began a new fusible art quilt.  While you may have noticed that I am generally a bright colored quilter, I had a feel for doing one on the darker side.
I do love black batik prints and enjoyed putting these all together.
I was originally inspired to makes leaves by the Quilt Along on Fibermania.  They were going to be the central quilt topic but you can see that changed.
For some unkown reason a small hut came to mind and ended up looking like this.  I would like to suggest that a needed piece of equipment for designing is a camera.  While determining what to place to the left of the hut, I auditioned a few ideas.  Taking a photo of each choice enabled me to see each as a whole and compare them to one another.
Here is what the top looked like prior to auditioning.
This was one of my considerations.

I decided on this multi cream/orange fabric.  I also played with the strips a bit to see how I would like them placed.
I rejected this strip arrangement.  You may notice that there are beads arranged on the top.  Another good reason for the photo is to serve as my memory when I am ready to sew the beads on.  The quilt top is now going to have some hand quilting added to it.

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