Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Finishes - Folded Log Cabin Complete!

I really love this Friday Finishes column.  I am getting so many projects done!  Here's another one to add to my completed column.
Now how did I get here?  When last I wrote, I had added the sashing and borders.  So quilting is next.  This folding technique creates a lot of layering and body for the blocks.  Quilting of the blocks is not necessary nor is it necessary to add batting.  However, due to the thickness of the blocks, batting is needed under the borders to even it up, so to speak.
The batting needs to be pieced to the quilt's backside.  I cut four strips that were about 2" wider than the quilt's edge and whipstitched them to the blocks as seen above.  Now the quilt's depth is even.
Rather than quilt with stitches I chose to quilt with beads.  Again, because of the weight of the blocks, the quilting required is limited as the quilt will hang nicely.  I chose to use the block center fabric for the binding.  And whala, I'm done!  A very fun project with lots of possibilities for design.  The other color scenario I did is not yet quilted as I have not decided what to do yet.  Sometimes you just have to sit on something for a while to become inspired to the next step.  I'll keep you posted on that finish as well.

Happy Friday,

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