Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Studio - New Quilting Opportunity

You may remember that in May of last year I moved into a studio space and posted photos here.  Then in November of last year I was asked to move into a different space and I couldn't help but say "Yes!"
The new space has a great floor space for my working studio.  There is a nice-sized closet which holds all of my stash and supplies.  And there is plumbing and space to create a wet studio as well.
Additionally, it has GREAT retail space.  This is classroom space.  The interior is warm and welcoming and I didn't have to do a thing but move in.  How great is that?
Can't you see class supplies in this space?
And how about fabric in here?

I have been very, very blessed to have the opportunity to move into this lovely space and am thankful to my landlords for needing me to move.  My current plan is to begin holding classes immediately.  The timing couldn't be better as our local quilt shop is closing and this will allow me to continue to do what I love:  teach.  Having said that, my first class schedule is posted and under the tab "Classes" above.   I am excited about this new opportunity.  Wish me luck.

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