Saturday, March 17, 2012

Folded Log Cabin Class Photos. . .

Yesterday I taught the Folded Log Cabin technique I previously blogged about here.  The students enjoyed the technique and the texture it creates.
One of the pleasures of teaching is observing the many styles and tastes of students.  This student's blocks have a subtle, elegant look in neutrals,
and this student's work was vibrant and full of energy.  I was unable to capture the blocks of my other student as I didn't get my camera out soon enough.  Bad me :(.  I have to remember to have the camera out as soon as class begins.  I'll do better next time (I hope).
This student completed her three blocks and is ready to add this green for borders and sashing.  I like being the observer during class, seeing the students' progression, and appreciating how each individual learns, works, and participates.  The more I teach the more my eyes open to the idea that there is no right or wrong in quilting.  There is just the satisfaction of creating.  I am glad that I am able to facilitate that process.

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